At Me and Joe, we're all about glam! Our handmade glasses are produced and manufactured in Italy. We work intimately with our manufacturers, to make sure that we provide you, high quality to the best possible prices. At Me and Joe, you can be confident that, not only you are wearing a pair of fashionable glasses but that you also have a premium quality.

I guess you are wondering about the details. Let's find out.


We have two fixed prices in our store. Our sunglasses are gonna cost either 98€ or 128€. We also customize our sunglasses, so if you ever feel like you wanna personalize your sunnies, the cost is extra 30

In case of prescription sunglasses the price is plus  40 or 90€  to the frame price, depending on how high the prescription is.



Single vision glasses: At Me and Joe we include the lenses in our frame price.We are talking about standard quality lenses with filters. Our frame prices are 98€ and 128.

Progressives: We offer three qualities of progressive lenses, with a starting price of 200€, following 250€ and 300€. 

Non prescription glasses: You can always wear non prescription glasses at the price of 98 or 128.

Screen protection glasses: The same prices of 98 and 128 apply here too.


Lens Refinement

Lens thinning process decreases the thickness and makes the lenses lighter and thinner. This procedure depends on the strength of your prescription. We have 3 different prices as fas as lens thickness is concerned.

1.5-1.56(standard lenses): free of charge

1.6 (thin lenses) : 39

1,67 (very thin lenses) : 69

1,74 (super thin lenses) : 119


Premium coatings

Anti-reflective: free of charge

Blue light filter- 39

Smear-repellent, Anti-scratch, HD vision- 30 and 49 ,depending on the quality.



Chains: Starting from 10 to 25€