Before ME & JOE launched, options for high quality eyewear at a fair price were not exist. A handful of companies control most of the eyewear industry, often forcing brands to keep prices artificially high and offer poor quality products. We wanted our customer to never have to make that choice. Our challenge was to modernize the idea of a simple pair of glasses. So we traveled to Italy to source manufacturers for the debut collection. Those who stood out were true artisans from Dolomites who had spent decades perfecting elements of production such as hand-made acetate and premium metal.




Entrirely Handmade in Italy, our glasses are produced by some of the world's best eyewear manufacturers, that combine the manufacturing tradition from 1970 with cutting-edge technologies. Each of our frame is made of highest quality materials and have been subjected to the most exacting control by our quality department. ME & JOE looks for tradition rather than mass production. This meticulous process takes over 90 days and requires more than 100 steps from start to finish.





ME & JOE’s lenses are beyond common understanding of quality. A 100% absorption of UV rays provides a clear vision to the user. Cutting edge technology is at the forefront of lens selection and only the best quality of CR39 is used.

Three lens categories are offered to cover the many types of weather, situations and moments one can experience.

  • Photochromic lenses become darker as sun exposure increases, most useful for unstable light conditions
  • Polarized lenses selectively filter colour in order to maximize contrast and give a sharper vision, best for reflective surfaces such as asphalt, water and snow
  • Classic CR39 lenses offer a variety selection of colours



PRODUCT DESIGN                                              

Every ME & JOE frame is designed in-house, where our team puts together mood boards for inspiration, sketches initial designs and maps out product details for prototyping.Every element of each eyewear model has been considered and thought-out down to the smallest detail. Our designs are addressed to all the individuals who want to stand out from the mass.




For many of our styles we take inspiration from the art, music and new trends. Our relationship with different multidisciplinary artists are the main source of inspiration.

We demand a high standard of perfect quality to guarantee our customers the ultimate value in quality and style.Our team works every single day with the aim of offering a perfect product, taking care of all the complex details