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Me and Joe is offering a new service to all customers/users. They can order eyeglasses or sunglasses in order to try them out at home. More specifically, the customer/user may visit the e-shop of Me and Joe as a customer or user, which means he/she does not have to register at the website and he/she can choose up to 3 (three) sunglasses or eyeglasses. Following that, he must fill in his details and the details of his/her credit/debit card and they will be sent to him/her to address given by courier. At the time of order of the service “Try at Home” the equal amount of the price of the products will be bound via the available credit/debit card or he/she can choose to make a deposit of the bank account of Me and Joe. Following that, he/she must send the proof of deposit by fax or email to Me and Joe. At the delivery of the spectacles, the customer/user has the right to keep the spectacles for three (3) working days. After that time, upon to prior communication, a courier will receive the spectacles which were sent for fitting, from the address given by the customer/user. It is noted that there will be no charge regarding the shipping expenses orders delivered in Greece.

As soon as the product is returned to Me and Joe, it will be examined, in order to ensure that the product is in perfect condition and must not have any kind of damage. Regarding products such as eyeglasses or sunglasses, they must be returned without any graze, scratch or any other abrasion, on the body of the eyeglasses and on the rest of the eyeglass frame and they must not be broken or cracked. The frame must also be in the same perfect condition. As it soon as the products are found to be in perfect condition, the amount of money that was bound via credit/debit card, will be immediately released.

It is noted that this service will be available only once per month for every month per customer/user.

The ownership of the “fitting” products, will remain to Me and Joe and her legal representatives throughout the duration of this service. This service is available only to Greece and Cyprus.