Terms of Use

Terms of Use – Purchases is an e-shop, of product disposition and services via internet, which was established by the individual expertise under the name “MARIOS KARYPIDIS – OPTIKA” and the distinctive title “Me and Joe”, which is based in Thessaloniki, 54 Alexander The Great Street, Evosmos, Greece, with Tax No. 079721753 Tax Office of Ampelokipoi (which will be called as Me and Joe for future reference in this document). The following terms and conditions will implied for the use of Me and Joe e-shop, having as web address By using this website all customers/users give their consent to the following terms and conditions. If any customer/user does not agree with these terms and conditions, then he/she should not use this website and any of its services. The customer/user by giving his consent to the following terms, it is considered that he has understand in full, all terms and he/she is bound by them. The services and products of this e-shop are available to all Member States of EU, unless it is stated otherwise.


Terms of Contract

Me and Joe withholds any right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of purchases, anytime he finds necessary and takes over the responsibility to inform the customers for any alteration via the web pages of the present e-shop.



Applicable Law and Jurisdiction – These Terms and Conditions are ruled and interpreted according to Greek Law. The Courts of Greece and especially the Courts of Thessaloniki will have the absolute jurisdiction over any dispute.

Independency of Terms – The present Terms and Conditions are independent in the sense that, if any of these terms is found to be void, the rest of the Terms and Conditions will remain in power like if the specific void term never existed from the beginning.

Waiver – If Me and Joe fails to exercise any right or prediction of these Terms and Conditions, it will not be held as waiver from this right unless it stated in written by Me and Joe. .

Statement of Acknowledgement – The customer/user acknowledges that the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions cannot be based and cannot be repaired by any statement, guarantee or the perception (by negligence or not) of any individual (who is contracting under these Terms and Conditions or not), or a third party, having a different content from terms that are included in these Terms and Conditions.

Cession – By the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions you are obliged not to convey, after sale, lease or in any other way to transfer your rights or your duties following the present Terms and Conditions or a part of them. In case of breach of this term in any way, it will result to the immediate cease of services by Me and Joe. Me and Joe is able to convey those Terms and Conditions to third parties in full or partly, following her will.

Force Majeure – Me and Joe will not be held liable and there will be no breach of the present Terms and Conditions for any event that will be a result of Force Majeure, without any limitation, of unexpected phenomena, severe weather conditions, actions or omissions by the Government or of any other competent authority or of any third parties.