ME & JOE was founded in 2016, it is a handmade eyewear brand that combines the finest Italian craftsmanship and quality with cool style.

Style and quality are the values that inspire and guide ME & JOE. Their main goal is to design glasses at a fair price, allowing you to match your frames with every occasion and to be able to update your eyewear as whenever you want.

The secret behind the success story of the brand came out from the passion and the inspiration to offer high quality glasses in affordable prices due to their no distributors’ policy. You ever wondered why designer glasses are so expensive? Well, it’s no secret: you’re simply paying too many people. At ME & JOE you pay for design and high quality, nothing else.

The design and manufactory

The modern design at ME & JOE comes from an honest and uncompromising approach to high quality materials and detailed construction. ME & JOE is all about its sleek design, inspired color palette and minimalist aesthetic.

Their manufacturers are characterized by high expertise as they place particular emphasis on the appealing properties of the materials they work with.


Visit our new store at the center of Thessaloniki with in-house optical. You can get a free eye test, and get yourself some personal style advice.

This is a very, very special store as it is our flagship store. The store is located in the center of Thessaloniki at Karolou Ntil, a part of the city that is much loved by locals. It also gives us the ability to use the creative space for small events and inspiring talks – which happens occasionally. For this interior we collaborated with a special design agency!

ME & JOE’s founders explain the idea that has since guided the brand’s every move:

We wanted to design sunglasses in affordable prices that all our friends would love to wear: Modern, cool and stylish without compromising the quality.